What’s in a name – bingo!

Find out how the Essoldo in Stretford passed through the hands of a string of national companies and name changes between the 1960s and 1990s. Stretfords very own cinema played its part in the evolution of picture palace to bingo hall. Article here

Another campaign, another identical MEN article!

Click here to read the full story from the Manchester Evening News website. 

Compulsory Purchase Order Petition

There’s a petition doing the rounds online to have Trafford Council issue a CPO on the owner. Take a look at the petition and the reasoning behind it here

Dolly & Her Zebra -1949

From an original article here

Time stands still…still…in numbers

In 12 months it will be 80 years since the building opened and 50 YEARS since the last film was screened! It will also be 21 years since the general population of Stretford were last allowed to step inside and 19 years since it was purchased by the current owners. To date there is still no clear picture of what happens next.

More Top Rank staff pictures


Top Rank staff photos and Coronation Street signing

Thanks again to the kind person who sent these in via Facebook. They feature in many of these photos!   From Ladbrokes to Rank, another refit and the prize shop moves from the inner foyer to the stage. Mid 80s?

  Staff party in the final staff uniforms. Photo in Buffet.   Who needs Muhammad Ali at Stretford Arundale flogging Ovaltine at Tescos when you can have Lynne Perrie at Stretford Top Rank Bingo flogging her autograph!