Video tour of the Longford Essoldo building by John Ryan just after it closed, shortly before auction.

Documentary from the 1980s about a local group showing a film in the then bingo hall for the last time
Channel M news item. A potted history of the building.

2 responses to “Video

  1. I was Chief Projectionist for the Curzon Flixton and I knew Les Proctor who was Chief Projectionist when it was the Essoldo and his Wife was cashier. I remember them building the Longford and I also remember that they re-recorded most of the Frank Randal “Mancunian Films” at the Longford with the walls draped in carpeting for deading acustics

  2. Les is mentioned quite a lot throughout the site. If you click on Customer and Employee Memories on the right hand top side of this page, you might spot a few others!

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