Longford and Essoldo Cinema Stretford

The place to talk about the Longford Essoldo Cinema in Stretford, Manchester


Video tour of the Longford Essoldo building by John Ryan just after it closed, shortly before auction.

Documentary from the 1980s about a local group showing a film in the then bingo hall for the last time
Channel M news item. A potted history of the building.

2 thoughts on “Video

  1. I was Chief Projectionist for the Curzon Flixton and I knew Les Proctor who was Chief Projectionist when it was the Essoldo and his Wife was cashier. I remember them building the Longford and I also remember that they re-recorded most of the Frank Randal “Mancunian Films” at the Longford with the walls draped in carpeting for deading acustics

  2. Les is mentioned quite a lot throughout the site. If you click on Customer and Employee Memories on the right hand top side of this page, you might spot a few others!

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