Longford and Essoldo Cinema Stretford

The place to talk about the Longford Essoldo Cinema in Stretford, Manchester


Media resourcesWhy was the site set up?

The original aim was to set up a web site that would bring about a re awareness of a building that seemed a little forgotten. This stemmed from a personal interest of the author. After just a few short weeks and some local press interest, the Longford and Essoldo Cinema Stretford site had received a huge number of visitors and it’s content was expanded. The history section of the site is growing, bringing forth personal accounts of employees and users of the building. The front page section contains regular updates on progress or new information about the buildings status.

Quick Facts!

The building is in private ownership. Whilst it is a unique grade 2 listed, it has laid empty for more than 23 years. Trafford Council take an active interest in the buildings future and there are plans as of 2018 for a compulsory purchase order.  It was built by Henry Elder and is the only Elder cinema now standing. It’s unique features were designed to symbolise Hollywood’s obsession with sex and money! It was the first building in the UK to utilise strip lighting! It spent approximately 30 years as a working cinema / theatre and another 30 as a bingo hall. The website has bought together people who share a unique interest in the building.

What’s next – contact the site author.

Are you a journalist with a paper or media outlet? Freelance looking for material? A film maker looking for a people interest story? Photographer looking for a project? Do you have experience in marketing or press, or contacts that might be useful? Do you have knowledge of heritage issues or cinema history? Maybe you’re just browsing and would like to offer whatever skills you might have, should the need arise. If you match any of these, please contact the author here.

11 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hello,

    Is it at all possible to get an email to the current owner of the building? I appreciate that they wish to remain annon but wondered if there is any way of communicating with him?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi,
      Afraid there is no email for the owner. All I can suggest is posting your comments up here as I’d imagine they keep an eye it!

      1. Unfortunately there are no contact details readily accessible but anyone can look up details of a property owner on the land registry website if they wish for £3 and see what is in the public domain, albeit behind a paywall.

  2. I love this building !! its part of the Stretford community. When watching the videos, i can see so much potential in this historic monument! its in a key location right next to Stretford Metro-Link station. Directly opposite the building is a bus stop and there is a massive car park to the rear ! i’d love to see this building alive, i never got to see it (im too young) but i see it everyday and i have a lot of interest in the architecture of the building. I can see this place as a much loved cinema again!! so much easier to get here than to other cinemas in and around Manchester!! Whatever it gets turned into i wouldn’t change a thing about it, just a re-vamp! I’m sure whatever happens, you will have the community behind you all the way ! Good luck

  3. If it’s been empty for 14 years why has a purchase order not previously been issued? I’d love to see this building used and would have some brilliant ideas,it’s a shame it’s just sat there

  4. I am not sure whether this site is still active. I am from a local church and want to get involved someone to raise awareness. How can we get involved?

    1. Still active, a new article went up yesterday! The building has been earmarked for compulsory purchase by Trafford Council as part of UA92 but they’ve gone quiet on this of late. I don’t run a campaign through my site, I just document what’s happening but if you run some Facebook searches you’ll see various interest groups that might be able to help with either this or UA92 in general.

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