Longford and Essoldo Cinema Stretford

The place to talk about the Longford Essoldo Cinema in Stretford, Manchester


Repairs to the exterior have commended in early 2010 with a patchwork of repairs and paint jobs. The owner has given assurances that the inside of the building is in good order, but has not given access to the public. No images of the interior exists during this period of ownership that are circulating in the public domain. Following articles in the Messenger, MEN and on Channel M, the owner stated that they were looking at potential suggestions for community use. This was re iterated again in 2018 following Trafford Councils declaration of intent to compulsorily purchase the building as part of the UA92 redevelopment. No other information is available at present but we regularly receive emails from interested parties and messages of support. Sign up to this site to get the latest information.


5 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hi, my brother is an ex projectionist of the Essoldo and Picturedrome, now living in Nz and still asks for news of the cinema, so any news I read I print and send to him as he is not computer savvy.
    Cheers x

  2. Remember my sister and I going with Gran to see a stage production of Oaklaoma at the Essoldo in the late 50s as well as being scared out of my wits by Moby Dick. It was about to close or may have done just, when we moved to Blackrod and then Kenya. I am now retired and live in Sri Lanka (Matra) where we have a small hotel. I still visit Stretford at least twice a year, Sister lives on Barton Road now apart from the landlord of the Menville and the Vicar of the Church (All Saints) nowt seems to have changed much. Oh ! and the 5 ways garage.

  3. Thinking on I remember the ‘torchee’ as we used to call him with all his medal ribbions along with a Mrs McAllister (a friend of Mums) who used to work in the restraunt/cafe. We used to be taken in the front entrance and up the stairs to the large piush vesitbule to sit in the large red velvit seats until the end of the first house, there always seems to be ‘March of Violins’ playing over the speaker system.

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