Longford and Essoldo Cinema Stretford

The place to talk about the Longford Essoldo Cinema in Stretford, Manchester

Moving On

It’s difficult to know what to do without much information, so this site is a potential resource for pulling together what we know and documenting the Longford Essoldo Cinema building, from it’s origins through to the present day and beyond. In 4 steps, here’s what you can do –

1. Your pictures, memories and knowledge are needed and you can contribute directly by posting to the Front Page.
2. Sign up in the front page for email updates.
3. You can sign up to our Facebook page.
4. Tell others!

You can contact us directly here if you aren’t able comment publicly.

6 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Great news to hear that the Longford is to undergo some restoration. The building is truly a landmark of Stretford which deserves to be appreciated for many years to come!

  2. Hi, Is there a group to join about this building?

    Are there big plans for restoration and is there a support group?


  3. This is kind of the group! The building is in private ownership and the owner officially doesn’t wish to engage with supporters at this time! However they have fulfilled some promises made to the press this year with exterior maintenance so it’s small steps but this time in the right direction! Check back with this site regularly for updates.

  4. I spent many a happy Saturday afternoon at the cinema in the 60’s when I was girl, I would love to see the building used for something , I don’t know what the interior looks like today, but I’m sure there must be something the building could be used for something

  5. I’m new to Stretford and totally in love with this building. I would love to see it reinstated as a cinema (foreign and vintage movies? Surely with Chorlton close by it would be viable?).
    I’m from Hertfordshire originally and I’m inspired by the Rex Cinema, Berkhamstead and the (in progress project) Odyssey Cinema, St. Albans – surely the Essoldo could benefit from a similar model of community support?

    For anyone interested in deco cinemas in general or how a town got together to save it’s cinema, take a look at their websites:



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