Meet the Moss family!

My father, Robert Moss, was the last manager of the Essoldo (Longford) cinema before it went over to bingo. My dad, mum, sister and I lived in a provided flat right next to the side entrance. In my last year at school, around 1964, I used to rush home from school and up to the projection box and help (unpaid of course) the chief projectionist (Jim Pass) put the evening shows on. I was never out of the place. It was Essoldo who originally operated the bingo and it later became Ladbrokes Lucky 7.

Naturally I went into the cinema business, initially as a projectionist before moving on to the management side, with ABC Cinemas working the Manchester area including the fantastic Apollo Ardwick and ABC Deansgate in the 70mil era. ‘Where Eagles Dare’ is still my fav film of all time. Later on I went into bingo with Ladbrokes and finished up back at the Longford as assistant manager. I returned to cinemas when I purchased the Curzon in Urmston which I owner operated with the bingo club between Feb 1995 and Nov 2004 before selling up.

I have just watched the John Ryan free video which has brought back a lot of memories. I was thrilled to see the projection box again and the circle bar where we had some good times (if you know what I mean).

Read about Derrick Moss form an article in 2003 by clicking here.

ed- Do you remember any of the Moss family? Feel free to click the comment link if you want to reminisce with them! Thanks to Stephen Thompson for alerting his uncle to the site!


One response to “Meet the Moss family!

  1. I worked for the last week of the Essoldo (as a cinema) Jim Pass the projectionist was a friend of mine and got me the job as trainee projectionist. I started on the monday and it closed the following Sunday, shortest job I ever had. During the last week the film showing was “The Hill” however, on the last day we showed “Quatermass and the Pit” I went on to work at the Studio ! & ” cinema on Oxfrod Rd in Manchester until I left to join the Army in 1968. I grew up in Stretford on Kenwood Rd and from being a little boy enjoyed weekly trips to the Essolldo. Happy Days

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