August renovations: Looking good

The building is begning to look quite sturdy again. The re plastering of the frontage seems to be complete now and the that area of the building looks water tights and much more presentable. Lets hope there will be a paint job before the winter sets in. Will they go for the same colours?


7 responses to “August renovations: Looking good

  1. I drove past The Longford cinema yesterday and the building is looking much better since the improvements recently carried out, and especially in the warm September sunshine!
    I would like to share a new discovery on my part which is the music to the original Pearl & Dean screen titles… not Asteroid but Grand Vista composed by Trevor Duncan.
    For more information please visit my Pearl & Dean links on the cinema home page.
    I have also upgraded my website to include flash video which is no longer browser dependant.

  2. It seems there have been workmen in the building recently. Lets hope that there is genuine repair / maintenance work going on. If so, it would be great to learn more as such positive work on the building is something to shout about surely?

  3. front looks much better now, colours match on both sides

  4. At the risk of being ejected from this website, I have posted some photos of the cinemas that used to entertain the people of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, a very close neighbour of Stretford.
    Click on Time Gone and take a look.
    Also, why not visit my virtual Essoldo Cinema multiplex and listen to some wonderful “Cinema” style music, composed by Trevor Duncan.

    • John have,nt visited your virtual Essoldo but the name Trevor Duncan
      is familiar I well remember his ‘Grand Vista’ as the music on the 1950s
      doric columns and steps Pearl & Dean opening and closing titles.

      Happy days working with Essoldo Circuit Control.


  5. John, why would you be ejected from this site for sharing info on a relevant topic, I’m confused!

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