In just a few weeks time, it will be exactly 75 years since the Longford Cinema first opened it’s doors to the public. After working as a cinema / theatre and bingo hall, the building took an early retirement at the age of 59. During the following 16 years, it’s rested, rotted and been repaired, all out of the sight of prying eyes! And now it looks like the building will, as the most striking 75 year old pensioner of Stretford, be pulled out of retirement to entertain the children (and more likely grand children) of its original users.

There’s still no official word from the building’s owners about the roller rink rumours or condition of the interior.  Users of the roller rink in Altrincham were apparently told it would be September but nothing seems to have happened yet. The building has waited 16 years, it could possibly wait a few more months…

Wonder if there will be golden tickets for admission and Oompa Loompas to greet us?

(Picture submitted to our facebook group by Lisa whose nephew Connor loves the building. Note-Connnor is 12, not 75).