Old and new

Still no news (becoming a theme!) but in the absence of any interior pictures, I took a few yesterday from the outside that give away clues from the past.

original tiling and a glimpse through a modern addition back to the past.

The inside is listed as being floored with venetian marble. This design spills out from the interior to the side entrance. Maybe it's the same throughout? There is a distinct lack of period photos from inside the building...


4 responses to “Old and new

  1. as far as i can remember the foyers were carpeted

  2. Nice to see a glimpse of this beautiful building however small. I know terrazzo floors were put in many cinemas during the 30s particularly the foyers where they weren’t covered over with carpet although I can’t say this was featured at the Essoldo. Keep up the good work,hope to see the interior as soon as you can get permission to view, The important thing is the old place is still standing and long may it be so into the future.

  3. When I filmed my video back in December 1995, I’m afraid I didn’t notice any marble flooring anywhere. What a shame that we are all kept waiting and longing for something positive to occur, just so that we can all witness and appreciate the interior once more?

  4. I’ve known many a theatre where marble flooring was all the rage when built but was really a statement in style over practicality so soon got carpeted over! Stockport Plaza uncovered some on the stairways in the recent renovation which is now reinstated. The carpet under the entrance of the Palace in Manchester also contains hidden secrets!

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