The mystery behind the classic

**note on the below-the original article seems to have been removed from the source website below so all that is left is what appears below!

Extract from today’s Manchester Confidential.

David Bond on the mystery behind the classic. Does anyone know anything more?

AN impressive monument to a bygone age that should be returned to its former glory or a bungled monstrosity that needs to be torn down?

The main architectural guide to Manchester calls The Longford, ‘One of the most entertaining sights in the Manchester area’. It would be a crying shame to lose it.
The debate surrounding the Longford cinema in Stretford is complex, but the only certainty is that local residents, have little to no idea what the future of the building is.

Confidential couldn’t even get in contact with the owner – and Good Lord did we try.

This is a problem because at present the Longford, despite its striking image, is fading. Commuters to Manchester and shoppers heading to Stretford Mall are reminded of this failed building daily. Yet inside it is a spectacular art deco building.



3 responses to “The mystery behind the classic

  1. Given this building’s history, rarity and unique art deco glamour, isn’t it time the council made a compulsory purchase order on it, in order to effect a proper restoration? A private trust could be set up to save it, to avoid too much public expense. Since the “Essoldo” came onto my personal radar 3 years ago, it seems the mysterious owners have not only been evasive but have botched the so-called “restoration” terribly, covering the original exterior tiles with render, rather than cleaning them up as should have been the case. In any case, it’s time for English Heritage to step in before matters deteriorate further.

    • I could not agree more with you. I look out on this building from the back of my house, and although it does not look AS neglected as it did a couple of years ago I must say the choice of blue might suit the skies of Miami, but not Manchester! This is a beautiful building which deserves to be restored to its former glory…

  2. Thanks for putting the article on the site!


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