77 years ago today the Longford Cinema in Stretford (latter Essoldo) first opened its doors to the public and whilst the building was put into retirement way before its time, hopefully we’ll see a rebirth very soon!

Over the past year it might seem as if very little has happened in the way of progress. However there have been talks between the owner and the council and community groups. It’s unclear whether these talks will lead to anything in the near future however the owner is still clear on their intended use of the building which is fairly uncontroversial and will allow the public some access once more. However this could be several years off yet. Unfortunately not much can be said about this using the website as this could potentially jeopardise plans or startle the owner which is certainly not the aim.

What did become clear in the buildings 76th year though was that the people of Stretford are still deeply passionate about seeing this building back in use and that there are parties out there who have the ability to create intelligent conversations with the buildings owners and more encouragingly that the buildings owners are willing to respond.

Let’s see if year 77 brings some kind of public access at long last.