Time stands still…still…in numbers

In 12 months it will be 80 years since the building opened and 50 YEARS since the last film was screened! It will also be 21 years since the general population of Stretford were last allowed to step inside and 19 years since it was purchased by the current owners. To date there is still no clear picture of what happens next.


2 responses to “Time stands still…still…in numbers

  1. Clearly they are wanting in to fall into such disrepair they can knock it down and build flats! Would really love to be part of something that revives this great building. We/I need to know how to get the cinema into safe hands.


  2. To be honest though I would love the cinema to be put back in use (not necessarily as a cinema) and I do believe quite a lot of maintainence does go on that we are not aware of, the restrictions etc, health and safety regulations and whatever else Trafford Council could object to will sadly make it impossible to bring it back into use.

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