The building has just turned 85 years old this week. It has spent approximately a fifth of its lifetime standing empty but apparently preserved for a future unknown.

I’ve not published anything on here in well over a year. We’ve all been busy slaying our own cinematic demons of late but in the 13 years I have been running this site, I’ve tried not to publish unverified news so there hasn’t been much to talk about lately as a consequence!

It turns out one day 10 years ago I did create some fake news by accident that has kept reappearing of late though! Robert Moss was the last manager of the Essoldo for films and for a while oversaw bingo. 10 years ago his family sent me a picture of him as well as some pictures of the exterior of the building to catalogue on the site. I thought it would be lovely to reunite him on the steps of his beloved cinema in a wide angled shot and duly did some photoshopping. The photo seen mid way down the page here has since been adopted as as an accepted part of the buildings history, with Robert standing proudly outside his building, the image being widely copied and used around the world on blogs, in press articles and even on TV!

More recently, some brilliantly and expertly recolorised images of the Longford Essoldo Cinema Stretford were created by the talented Kevin Malarkey which can be seen here.

They were created after research into colour schemes of the time, discussion based upon local peoples memories online and an iterative approach to revision of design. No doubt some of these photos will also seep into the historical timeline as perceived fact along the way…