Here are links to some other sites that might be of interest to you.

CINEMA TREASURES – A great listing site for theatres and cinemas, used and abandoned.

ESSOLDO MULTIPLEX – Pop down to your local Essoldo to watch the latest Dr Who film! (browser dependant)

TRAFFORD PICTURE ARCHIVE – Pictures of the Longford Essoldo Stretford being built.

THE PLACE STATION – Community resource featuring the building.

CINEMA THEATRE ASSOCIATION – Home of the enthusiast!

HIDDEN HISTORY – Read about a cinema in Leeds that was found as a time capsule of days gone by.


STOCKPORT PLAZA – An example of people power!

THEATRE ROYAL HYDE – An example of a venue at the start of it’s journey.

28 DAYS LATER – We don’t condone entering buildings illegaly, but the cinema section is fascinating!

Can you suggest any more links? Please do so by commenting below.


3 responses to “Links

  1. I’m currently building a 9-seater miniature Art Deco cinema on the station concourse at the Spa Valley Railway which runs heritage steam trains. One of my inspirations has been the Longford/Essoldo. I would welcome the opportunity to support the protection, restoration and eventual reopening of this very important building. Please let me know what help you or the owners need at this stage.

    Mike Pease

  2. Hi Mike,
    Just sent you an email.

  3. Re: 28 Days later…

    As you say the Cinema section is amazing!

    What a fabulous archive this is… well done to all those concerned.


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