Title Deeds – a brief summary

A summary of dates from the buildings current title deeds. There seem to be some gaps that do not reflect changes in the buildings ownership –

28/07/1882 – Entries regarding rights to mines and minerals on the land, concerning mainly the De TRaffords.

14/08/1936 – Transfer from FW Berket and Co Ltd to Jackson and Newport Ltd (this is where it all started!)

30/03/1972 – Transfer from Essoldo Cinemas Ltd to Classic Cinemas Ltd (a company that specialised in screening classic Hollywood films and seems to live on today as a film production company).

07/03/1977 – Transfer of part of the land from Ladbrokes (assume the bingo era had hit by now!) to the Manchester and District Housing Association (could this be when the flats became a seperate entity?).

12/09/1977 – Transfers between Pension Fund Securities Ltd, Ladbrokes and oddly Essoldo.

25/02/1997 – Transfer of the site to the current owners. That’s where the trail stops!

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