The latest word is very late!

OK, so there’s nothing worse than visiting a website that looks like it’s been forgotten in time. The fact is there is just no news at the moment. I’m getting the odd email enquiry but not much else.

As below, the owner said he hoped that by the end of the year (2009) things would look a lot different and he was working to find groups interested in using the building. In 2009, repair works were carried out to a side wall but as yet, the repairs and re painting of the frontage is yet to happen and no other information about the buildings future has been shared. Look out for a repaired and re painted website this April and maybe some answers from the owner, 1 year on from the last ones.


4 responses to “The latest word is very late!

  1. Thanks for the update. I live in Trafford Grove just round the corner from this building and have been following it's progress for a while. The side walls are looking much better and I have seen men working round the side at one of the side entrances. They can't be spending all this money on it for nothing.

  2. hi linda thompson (nee moss) will keep fingers crossed that the work being done will lead to something, have just sent facebook link to a few friends

  3. hope all the repair work will lead to something good, have sent the facebook link to a few frinds linda thompson (nee moss)

  4. will keep fingers crossed repairs will lead to something good happening have sent facebook link to a few friends linda thompson ( nee moss)

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