All change

Well you’ve found the website with a long awaited updated. It’s much easier to use and manage and you can comment on anything you see.

I’m also pleased to say that some serious repairs have been happening to the buildings exterior over the last few weeks. Here are some pictures.

Longford Essoldo Cinema Stretford Repairs 3

The front canopy, woodwork replaced

Longford Essoldo Cinema Stretford Repairs 1

The other side of the front building, now repaired.

Longford Essoldo Cinema Stretford Repairs 1

The side exterior where the worst damp issue appeared to be, now fixed.


2 responses to “All change

  1. thanks for doing this and updating website …

    im a bit out of the loop … are there any ‘open days’ planned to actually see inside for the local community


    in following some of the old email links re the owner saying re possible theatre groups partnerships do we know what the status of these are and/or what the nature of the partnerships are that the owner is exploring – i noted a piece about what a great space it is inside

    … agree with previous comments that could be great community resource and space for different kinds of theatre, educational, dance groups and sessions and jams (improvisation contact dance included!) … is the owner considering along the diverse lines of what the contact theatre in manchester offers? or what other ‘smaller’ arts places offer e.g. that in chapelallerton

    feel im on catch up and probably simply reiterating post comments.


  2. Hi,
    No open days planned ot my knowledge and no info on the owners intent or the results of any leads thrown their way. It’s not that they haven’t been asked by all sorts of interested parties, but the owner has been saying the same thing ‘community projects … ideas … commerical use) sporadically in the press for 14 years but then there’s been no recognisable follow up in the public domain. It could well be that the owner has a very clear plan, but given the significance of the building, there should be more communication… All very frustrating.

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