The Place Station

There’s a new initiative in the making called The Place Station that is supporting the re development of the Longford Essoldo Cinema building in Stretford for community use. Check it out here.

The Place Station introduces owners of land and buildings across the UK to social and community entrepreneurs with ideas for transforming their local area – providing a space where people can:

  • Search for land and buildings
  • Add a Place they’d like to see owned and managed by the community
  • Add an Idea for transforming local services
  • Propose new uses for available land and buildings
  • Comment on and offer to support an Idea or Proposal for a Place
  • Find pro-bono supporters where they live to put their Ideas and Proposals into practice.

3 responses to “The Place Station

  1. I like the new Place Station site but it’s a shame the public can’t comment, only partners. I really want to put forward my suggestion as so many I’ve discussed it with thinks it’s a good move for the building. I think a new music venue. I know there are lots and it’s out of the way a little but so is the Apollo; if the venue’s right and has a certain something then it will succeed and not to mention all of the Chorlton traffic that will LOVE the venue. In terms of it being a community venture perhaps it could serve as studio space or run music classes throughout the day. I think it would be a wonderful music venue!

  2. If you have Facebook then you log in through the box at the top right of PLace Station. There doesnt seem to be another way, but the site is still being worked on I believe, so maybe when they do the big launch, there will be other ways of logging in…

  3. This sounds promising, but we should be aware of anything with the word “community” in it. It’s one of those “hurrah” words that can mask all manner of horrors. If the Essoldo ends up hosting a grafitti artists’ co-op, happy-clappy Christians and the kind of people who paint children’s faces for a living, it will all have gone terribly wrong.

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