Stretfords Public Hall goes Public once more

Spin around 180 degrees and cross 4 lanes of traffic and you have this. Proof that that community spaces are needed and can be reclaimed given the right expertise and motivation. Enough said. Read all about it here.



One response to “Stretfords Public Hall goes Public once more

  1. Well done to you all! What great news and an obviously brilliant campaign. Sid and Beryl are worth their weight in gold!

    After my own voluntary experience of saving Hastings Pier, I’m now involved in this kind of work all over the country (eg Ancoats Dispensary, London Road Fire Station, Bognor Pier, Colwyn Bay Pier, and all kinds of other difficult ones!). My specialism is ‘neighbourhood coaching’ on fundraising, organisational development and community engagement for ambitous projects like yours. I wonder if you already have advice from Locality or others and whether I could be of help?

    If anyone from the group would like to arrange an initial phone chat please feel free to contact me.

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